5 original armchairs to adopt to complete your decor!

5 fauteuils originaux à adopter pour compléter votre déco !

Industrial, vintage, Scandinavian, art deco, bohemian, eclectic. Whatever your style, the armchair is an aesthetic and practical decorative element. It will complete your living room, your library, your bedroom or the children's bedroom.

Velvet, imitation leather, padded, rocking or swivel, we have selected 5 to guide you in acquiring your future armchair.

Choose the right chair

There are two important criteria to consider when choosing your chair: design and comfort. They are often linked, but depending on your needs, one may take precedence over the other.


We are not all equal when it comes to comfort, some swear by softness, others by support. It is therefore necessary to dwell on this point. Upholstered seats, armrests and high backrests generally guarantee optimal comfort.


If you are a fan of designer furniture, acquiring an armchair is essential. It's a cozy piece that will make all the difference. A mismatched and eclectic or harmonious look, whatever your tastes, the materials and colors you are looking for, you are bound to find the chair you like.


In a reading corner near your library, in a child's room, as a nursing chair, in your living room or bedroom, it will find its place and highlight what it loves. surrounded.

Finding the shoe that suits you, as you have understood, is not very complicated. Here is our selection of 5 armchairs to adopt!

Our selection

The Ottoman Armchair

Kas Sunrise Ottoman Cozy Furniture

In a reading area or in a corner of your office, the ottoman chair is the chair you need. From its semi-recumbent position, its footrest to its armrests, everything has been designed to offer you a relaxing and cocooning seat. A plaid, a cushion and a book and you're done.

The Scandinavian minimalist armchair

@jlo_home via Instagram

If you are looking for a timeless and graphic piece, here is the Scandinavian minimalist armchair. Its design is simple and very elegant. They are low and very comfortable thanks to their often very padded seat. You will usually find it in neutral tones. Ideal if you like white and sober decor.

The designer armchair

@devault via Pinterest

Although the notion of comfort is less present than on other models, opting for a designer armchair means offering your interior a unique piece with a singular appearance. It can be the element that will change your entire decor or is certainly suitable for an eclectic style.

The rocking chair

Epping Velvet Green Cozy Furniture

Often used as a nursing chair, the rocking chair or rocking chair is the perfect comfort chair. Initially used for therapeutic purposes, its regular back and forth movement promotes relaxation and relaxation. Opt for a padded seat and backrest for a feeling of total well-being.

The rattan / wicker armchair

@david_barbion via Pinterest

Very trendy, it is a piece of furniture that has many advantages: it is made of a durable material, it is light, easy to maintain and easily customizable with colorful cushions or throws. It will bring a touch of naturalness and authenticity to your living room. In addition to being very aesthetic, it is very comfortable.

So what type of chair are you going to fall for?