Scandinavian decoration: how to adopt this trend that has become timeless?

La décoration scandinave : comment adopter cette tendance devenue intemporelle ?

Scandinavian furniture is a mix of minimalism, functionality and comfort. This is the style of decoration that has been all the rage for several seasons: its neutral shades, its bright colors and its graphic prints have conquered many decoration enthusiasts.

By adopting the style Scandinavian, you adopt a timeless style, inspired and respectful of nature!


White is an essential color, it is imperative to choose a light color to bring brightness to your room. The white on your walls will highlight your furniture and give a minimalist style to your space. Thus, the Scandinavian decor emphasizes shades of white, wood, but also pastel and neutral tones to create a warm, chic and elegant atmosphere.

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Furniture plays a key role in the Nordic style and the chair is the Scandinavian piece of furniture par excellence. It will give character to the room thanks to its particular style. Indeed, it is generally designed with rounded shapes and features light and neutral tones that give it that modern cozy effect without overwhelming the space.

Cozy Furniture


Bet on lighting for an even brighter interior! Geometric suspensions, lamps, spotlights... they are ideal to complete your Scandinavian decoration, especially if you do not have a very bright interior. These elements will bring relief and light to the room without taking away from it the refined aspect, specific to the Nordic style. Finally, to preserve natural lighting, think about sheers rather than curtains. They will allow daylight to enter while keeping this feeling of cocoon and intimacy.

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The choice of materials will play an important role. The Scandinavian style being inspired by nature, wood is an essential material. Light woods such as rattan, fir, pine, oak or even birch blend perfectly with light colors and will soften your room to make it warm. Combine it with soft textiles such as wool, suede and cotton to make your interior a cozy nest.

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Less is more

If you want to make this style your own, simplicity is key. Indeed, Scandinavian decoration is simple and practical. It's not about having a white, minimalist and lifeless interior, but avoiding too many frills and excessive decorative elements that could weigh down an already very aesthetic interior.

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Materials, colors now, you all know the cogs of the Scandinavian style that will have no more secrets for you.