Memory foam mattress 80x200x30cm, in 3D fabric, memory foam technology and supersoft foam - VENUS HYBRIDE

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Shape memory mattress 80x200x30cm, JUPITER Thermosoft mattress - Cozy Furniture

🛏️ Orthopedic mattress: 30cm thick memory foam mattress, composed of 650 micro pocket springs per m2 in high density polyurethane foam of 28 kg/m3 enhanced with 3 different layers of foam including 3 cm of memory foam form. Its seven zones with differentiated support have a self-adapting effect and guarantee a comfortable and healthy sleep, relieving back pain, lower back pain, joint pain and sciatica.

🧘‍♂️ The best of pocket springs: The mattress with pocket springs facilitates support, alignment of the spine and distribution of body pressure. Unlike conventional spring systems, each micro pocket spring in the model is free to respond to individual pressure. Thus, this technology adapts to the shape of your body and guarantees an unprecedented good sleeping independence. Move and dream all night, you no longer risk waking up or being woken up by your partner.

👍 Fabrics of excellence: Thanks to the perforated 3D fabric, the mattress evacuates humidity and excess heat, ensures ventilation and impeccable hygiene of the bedding and guarantees a thermoregulatory effect maintaining a body temperature constant both in summer and winter. It is also anti-mite, anti-bacterial, anti-mold and hypoallergenic.

🌿 Sleep peacefully for a long time: The mattress can be used on both sides. The mattresses, of French design and European manufacture, are guaranteed for 10 years and tested for a longevity of 15 years. The fabrics and foams do not contain any products that are harmful to health or the environment.

📦 Vacuum packaging: The mattress adopts vacuum packaging technology. The small package size allows for easy retrieval. After unpacking, the mattress returns to its original shape after standing for a while. The fabrics and foams do not contain any products that are harmful to health or the environment.

The links between the quality of sleep and that of the mattress are played out at several levels: stress management, body support, muscle activity... it is therefore important to choose the right bedding to benefit from good sleep repairer. Think with you and for you, our mattresses are made with quality materials, to offer you the best nights.

The VENUS HYBRID mattress, inspired by luxury hotel bedding and made in Europe, is designed for optimal comfort and softness. It was created with the best hybrid technology, the alliance between memory foam and pocket springs. This ensures perfect relief of muscle tension.






Thanks to its hybrid technology combining pocket springs and memory foam, our VENUS HYBRID mattress will offer you optimal comfort and sleeping independence for pleasant nights. Its multiple layers as well as the micro perforated fabric of its cover will give you a feeling of softness, like lying in a cloud.


With a firmness index of 4 out of 5, this mattress offers a soft welcome and firm support. Thanks to its 3 layers of memory foam and its 21 cm high-density foam core, it adapts to your morphology and gives you the support you need.


When it comes to bedding, everyone's needs vary. What should be common to all mattresses is maintaining the natural position of the spine. Through the action of its 1729 pocket springs, VENUS HYBRID has 7 comfort zones (head, shoulders, lumbar, pelvis, knees, legs and feet) which will fit your morphology and relieve muscle tension points for a restful sleep.





All our mattresses have an anti-odour, anti-bacteria and hypoallergenic cover, designed to prevent the risk of allergic reactions. Our products are labeled SANITIZED, OEKO-TEX and CertiPUR, guarantees of quality, durability and reliability when purchasing your bedding.

Anti dust mites

The components of your mattress are very important when it comes to dust mites and the allergies they can cause. This is why our mattresses are partly made of viscoelastic foam. It has the advantage of being very breathable, which helps regulate body temperature and reduce heat and humidity, conducive to the proliferation of dust mites.

Summer/winter side

Our mattresses have a summer side and a winter side. Each side has a layer of dacron, a high quality hollow fiber polyester that allows good air circulation. The winter side, in addition to dacron, has a thicker fabric that will keep you warm. As for the summer side, it has a more breathable 3D fabric to help you stay cool. A product suitable for all seasons.



Dimension: 80x200 cm
Mattress type: Pocket springs
Composition: Pocket micro-springs and memory foam
Soft feel
Firm support
Thickness 30 cm
Viscoelastic foam
3 cm of memory foam layer High density
A cloud feeling that adapts to your body
Relieves pressure points by providing optimal support

Mattress core
2 cm memory foam

1 cm of Nuage Extrasoft foam
1 cm of additional memory foam
4 cm of micro pocket springs
20 cm of high density foam 28kg/m3 1 cm of high-density foam 28 kg/m3
1 cm of Cloud Extrasoft foam
Ticking: The micro-perforated fabric will ensure you have a pleasant feeling of softness every night
Number of pocket springs
80x200 cm: 1040
Winter/summer side Yes
Ideally optimized bedding independence
7 comfort zones
4 side handles for better grip
Quilting: Quilted

10-year warranty

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! All mattresses are shipped within 15 working days!