Set of 4 comfortable dining room chairs in green fabric and suede with armrests - CALF SUEDE+GREEN

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Set of 4 comfortable dining room chairs in green fabric and suede, CALF - COZY FURNITURE

Absolute Comfort: Treat yourself to exceptional comfort with this set of 4 dining room chairs. The 2 green fabric chairs and 2 suede chairs provide pleasant seating, complemented by armrests for a relaxing dining experience.

Luxury and Elegance: Immerse yourself in luxury with the suede chairs, adding a touch of elegance to your dining space. The refined design harmonizes perfectly with the beige fabric chairs, creating a chic and modern ensemble.

Solidity and Stability: The black metal legs give these chairs remarkable solidity and optimal stability. Enjoy convivial meals with confidence, surrounded by durable and sturdy furniture.

Practical Versatility: The swivel function of these chairs offers exceptional versatility, ideal for various occasions, meals intimate to lively meetings. Easily adapt your space to suit your needs.

Easy Assembly:Assembling these chairs is child's play with the detailed instructions included. Transform your dining room into a welcoming and stylish place in just a few simple steps. Get this set now for a unique dining experience.

Enhance your dining space with our exclusive set of 4 dining room chairs combining comfort and elegance. These carefully designed chairs provide an unparalleled dining experience. The 2 green fabric chairs add a warm touch, while the 2 suede chairs add a luxurious touch. Featuring armrests for ultimate comfort and black metal legs for remarkable stability, these swivel chairs will bring a modern and refined aesthetic to your interior.

Set of 4 dining room chairs: 2 green fabric chairs and 2 suede chairs.
Armrests for exceptional comfort during dining meal.
Black metal legs ensuring strength and stability.
Swivel function for versatility suitable for all occasions.
Modern and refined design for an elegant aesthetic in your dining room. Transform every meal into a luxury experience with this chair set designed to combine comfort and style.

Product dimensions:

Package dimensions
2 packages: 68*60*54cm
Included: 2 green chairs+2 suede chairs, 2 instruction manuals and tools.

Net/gross weight
34 / 40 kg

2 years (see warranty policy)